Toggled TSB-002-WT iQ Bluetooth Smart Switch with On/Off, Dimming, and Scene Control


The Toggled iQ Smart Switch requires only a connection to AC power (120-277 VAC) to enable wireless control of any Toggled iQ lighting device or group of devices. This single-gang switch allows on/off, dimming, scene selection, and scheduling. Scheduling does not require a Gateway or connection to the internet after the initial installation enabling stand-alone time-based control of other Toggled iQ devices. As part of an upgradable smart lighting control system, they feature Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) wireless mesh technology which eliminates capacity limitations associated with 0-10V and phase-dimming control systems. ULC Listed, FCC compliant and included on Design Lights Consortium (DLC) Networked Lighting Controls (NLC) Qualified Product List (QPL) to qualify for applicable utility incentives and rebates.