VS011510D-00000, VSDII 10HP 575V; VSD II; 10HP (7.5KW); 575V; NEMA TYPE 1; N2 & BACNET COMM

Johnson Controls

The Johnson Controls® VSD Series II Variable Speed Open Drives, powered by Eaton® technology, are specifically engineered for HVAC, pump, and fluid control applications. The ultra-efficient DC capacitor and power structure allow the drives to consume less energy, which lowers greenhouse gases.

The input/output (I/O) configuration is designed with wiring ergonomics in mind by including removable terminal blocks. The main, easily removable control board that is used for all drive frames has six digital IN, two analog IN, one analog OUT, three relay OUT, and two expansion slots for I/O or communication boards. In addition, the control board has built-in RS-485 and Ethernet communication.

These drives continue the tradition of robust performance and raise the bar on features and functionality, which ensures the best solution at the right price.


▪  Patented Active Energy Control Algorithm: Achieves an additional 2% to 8% energy savings when compared to competitive products.

▪  HAND/OFF/AUTO and DRIVE/BYPASS Selector on Keypad:  Simplifies control.

▪  Copy/Paste Function: Allows the transfer of parameter settings from one drive to the next.

▪  Versatile Keypad: Displays up to nine monitored parameters simultaneously.

▪  EMI/RFI Filters Standard on All Drives (Frame 4 through Frame 9): Meet EMC Category 2 requirements.

▪ Motor Overload, Underload, and Stall Protections: Protect against premature motor failure

▪ BACnet® MS/TP, BACnet IP, MODBUS®, and N2 Network Protocols: Provide a wide variety of communication protocols to meet the needs of many applications