TE-6311P-1, TEMP SENSOR; 1000 OHM; NI; 8"; FOR DUCT MTG.

Johnson Controls

The TE-6300 Temperature Sensor line provides economical solutions for a wide variety of temperature sensing needs, including wall-mount, outdoor-air, duct, strap-mount, well-insertion, duct-averaging, and Variable Air Volume (VAV) flange-mount duct-probe applications. The TE-6300 line offers both a metal and a plastic enclosure for the most popular models.

The TE-6311P-1 is a Nickel (1K Ohm) duct temperature sensor. 

The TE-63xxP (plastic enclosure) models:

▪ Provide a thermoplastic conduit box with 1/2-14 NPT female thread for connecting to conduit

▪ Provide aluminum mounting plate and 1/2-14 NPT threaded hub mounting options for the duct and duct averaging models

▪ Use the 1/2-14 NPT female thread to mount the Outdoor Air models directly to ridged conduit

▪ Provide optional sensor holders (order separately) to mount duct models in thermal wells

▪ Offer an optional accessory metal cover kit (order separately) to replace the plastic cover to meet UL 1995 plenum use requirements

▪ Include a replaceable sensing probe on duct probe, outdoor air, and well insertion models