T26S-22C Johnson Controls Line Voltage Thermostat 5 to 30C, w/ Thermometer

Johnson Controls

The T26 Series line voltage thermostat controls heating and/or cooling units in commercial, industrial, or residential installations. Typical uses are for unit heaters, fan coils, blast coils, electric heat, duct furnaces, or greenhouses.


▪ Narrow Differential: Increases versatility of the thermostats, which may be used on heating and/or cooling over a wide range of voltages (24V, 120V, 240V, or 277V)

▪ Line Voltage Components Switch Box Mounted: Provides isolation of electrical circuit from sensing element

▪ Models with Limited Ranges Available: Provides energy conservation

▪ Adjustable High/Low Range Stops: Allows adjustments within a desired range

▪ Enclosed Pennswitch: Provides dust protection for contacts

Mounting Plate: Allows easy mounting and wiring without removing the cover