T-4002-302 Reverse Acting Pneumatic Horizontal Mount Thermostat w/ cover and conversion kit (white)

Johnson Controls

The T-4002-30x Thermostat with Cover and Two-Pipe Conversion Kits feature a T-4002-201 (D.A.) or a T-4002-202 (R.A.) Thermostat. The kits also contain a white or beige cover and cover plate, a selection of faceplates, and all other necessary parts and mounting hardware required to convert a wide array of two pipe competitors’ thermostats.

The T-4002-302 is a Reverse Acting Thermostat encased in a White Cover with a Two-Pipe Conversion Kit.


Kit Includes:

▪ White Plastic Cover, Horizontal Mount with Thermometer Window (T-4000-3142)

▪ White Universal Conversion Kit (T-4000-630)

▪ Direct Acting Pneumatic Horizontal Mount Thermostat (T-4002-201)