P658B1012, Panel Mounted Pneumatic / Electric Switch. Factory Calibrated at 10 psi.


The P658A, B, C, E, and F Pneumatic/Electric Switches convert a pneumatic signal from a controller or other pneumatic device to a spdt electric switch action. The P658A, B, E, and F are used for on/off control of fans and pumps, energizing electric heaters, day-night control of unitary equipment, interlock functions, and control of other electrical equipment commonly found in mechanical systems. The P658C is intended for use with DeltaNet Systems or any system requiring low impedance switching for monitoring status.


▪  Models available for surface or panel mounting

▪ Barb protected by open cage

▪  All ferrous parts plated to prevent corrosion

▪ Factory calibrated setpoint field adjustable to meet job requirements

▪ Neoprene diaphragm element