P32AC-2C Sensitive Differential Pressure Switch w/ "U" Bracket (0.05" to 5.0" WC)

Johnson Controls

The P32 differential pressure switch is used to sense flow of air in ducts. When used with electric strip heaters, the switch can be wired to open the circuit and deenergize the heaters when air flow stops. This item has a sensitivity @ minimum set point 0.4 in W.C.

Typical applications include: 

▪ Air proving with electric duct heaters.

▪ Maximum air flow controller for variable air volume systems.

▪ Reheat duct powered systems.

▪ Detection of icing of air conditioning coils and initiation of defrost cycle.

▪ Clogged filter detection


▪ Easy-to-read set point scale.

▪ Small and compact.

▪ Versatile mounting options.

▪ Max. Pressure at Connections: 1 PSIG or 6.9 kPa