EasyIO FC-20 Controller


The FC-20 has 20 points of I/O and is priced to meet most high volume applications and price points. The microprocessor based controller has 20 I/O to accommodate general and specific applications featuring BACnet MSTP and Modbus RTU communication protocols. The 20 IOs include, 12 Universal Inputs (UI) supporting current, voltage and resistance based sensor, 4 electrically isolated Digital Outputs (DO) and 4 Analog Outputs supporting current and voltage outputs.

The EasyIO FC series is aimed at affordable ‘canned’ solutions for standalone applications, such as roof top units, fan coils, AHU’s, package units, etc. The FC-20 is the first product in the FC range, designed to complement the EasyIO 30P and the awarding winning FG+ series. All of the FC series products are equipped with two RS485 ports. For Ethernet applications you can upscale to the 30P or one of the FG series controllers. All FC products are BACnet and Modbus selectable and can be programmed live and free via CPT Tools

  • Sedona Framework support – programmed using CPT Tools
  • BACnet MS/TP Server Functionality Support
  • Modbus RTU Slave Support
  • 12 × Universal Inputs; Digital, Voltage, Current or Resistance
  • 4 × 24 V AC relay Outputs
  • 4 × Analogue Outputs; Voltage or Current
  • DIP Selectable Communication Mode