CTC-1621-113, 2-PIPE DA;VERT.C;VALUE PKG, cover Deg C & Mtg Plate

KMC Controls

These two-pipe direct acting, single setpoint thermostats are designed for proportional control of pneumatic valve and damper actuators in HVAC systems. They utilize a highly sensitive bimetal element with feedback and a pilot bleed relay for accuracy and stability.

Models are available with with direct or reverse proportional action. The thermostat’s throttling range is factory-set and is field adjustable. Setpoints are adjusted using sliders which can be locked or limited using setpoint stops.

The CTC-1621-113 model is direct acting. 


Sensitive bimetal element and pilot relay provide consistent, accurate feedback.

Direct or reverse acting (see the Models section), proportional control of valve or damper actuators

▪ Field-adjustable throttling range