Verasys LC-VAC1001-0 18 point 24 VAC Application Controller with lighting controller application loaded

Johnson Controls

The Verasys® LC-VAC1001-0  Series of  Application Controllers are part of the SMART Equipment Controller family. The Verasys Application Controllers run pre-engineered applications and provide the inputs and outputs required to monitor and control a wide variety of HVAC equipment. Verasys Application Controllers operate on an RS-485 BACnet® MS/ TP Bus as BACnet Advanced Application Controllers (B-AACs). The controllers integrate into Johnson Controls® and third-party BACnet systems. Verasys Application Controllers include an integral real-time clock that enables the controllers to monitor and control schedules, calendars, and trends. The controllers can operate for extended periods of time as stand-alone controllers when they are disconnected from the system network

18 point 24 VAC Application Controller with Lighting Application Loaded