C7041C2003, 20K ohm NTC Temp Sensor,18 in. insertion


The C7041 Electronic Temperature Sensors are designed to be used with electronic controllers in domestic or commercial heating and cooling systems.

▪ The C7041 series of electronic temperature sensors are designed for use with the Excel 10, Excel 15, or any controller requiring a 20K ohm NTC non-linearized sensor input.

▪ Various models are available for sensing duct air temperature, averaging air temperature, water temperature, outdoor air temperature, or water pipe temperature.

▪ All devices consist of a temperature sensitive element and leadwires enclosed for protection from physical damage.

▪ Sensor element enclosures are made of various lengths and configurations for the specific applications.

▪ All devices have a wiring box housing to enclose the field wiring connections. C7041F outdoor sensor design, made of aluminum and stainless steel, is waterproof, and includes a sunshield.