Automation Components

The ARM is an analog re-scaling module which accepts an analog voltage or current signal and re-scales it to another voltage or current range. Several preset ranges are jumper selectable. The top-adjust trimmer potentiometers can be used to make fine adjustments to output ranges for maximum flexibility. The ARM can attenuate an input signal to 100%. The ARM also has an adjustable gain and offset. The output gain can be adjusted from 1 to 25 times the input (gain will vary depending on input) to the ARM. The offset of the output can be adjusted anywhere from +/- 0 to +/- 20 VDC for the ARM. The ARM has the ability to reverse a signal. The ARM also has a regulated 20 VDC power supply output to power sensors. The ARM can accept a resistance input by using voltage divider applications. See Tech Tip 7 for a 3 wire resistance input or Tech Tip 50 for a 2-wire resistance input. If a higher power output is required, look at the specification for the ASA.