A99BB-200C, PTC Silicon Sensor with PCV Cable, 6-1/2 ft, -40F to 212F

Johnson Controls

The Johnson Controls A99B Series Temperature Sensors are passive PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) sensors. The A99B sensors are splashproof and are designed to measure temperature in a variety of refrigeration applications. Several accessories allow easy tailoring of the temperature sensor to various mounting configurations. Applications include temperature sensing for freezers and coolers, as well as in defrost termination sensing, space and return air temperature sensing, and condenser fan cycling.


▪ Variety of lead lengths available to encompass most application requirements and simplify wiring sensors

▪ An assortment of mounting hardware provides configurations for many applications

▪ Exceptional accuracy of sensing element provides excellent performance in a wide variety of control applications

▪ Stainless steel sensing bulb allows use in more applications than other types of bulbs without corrosion

▪ Lead length may be extended up to 800 ft (244 m)