V-3000-1 Pneumatic Valve Actuator w/ exposed Yoke Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls

The V-3000 Series Pneumatic Valve Actuators are designed to accurately position steam or water valve modulating plugs in response to a pneumatic signal from a controller. Two models of the V-3000 are available; the exposed model is for installation in a protected location and the enclosed model is for installation in a location where the actuator would be subjected to tampering. A V-9502 Valve Positioner can be ordered separately for use on the exposed model only in applications where sequential operation is desired or additional positioning power is necessary; refer to the Specifications Table for ordering information. 

Available Spring Ranges  3-6, 4-8, and 9-13 psig

A spring is assembled with the valve body, not in the actuator. For spring kits to field mount V-3000-1 to valve bodies, refer to Valve Spring Kits Sorted by Valve Code Number