MN7505A2001, Mod.Floating, 2-Pos. Actuator - 44 lb-in


MN7505 Non-Spring Return Direct Coupled Actuators (DCA) are used within heating, ventilating, and airconditioning (HVAC) systems. They can drive a variety of quarter-turn, final control elements.

Applications include:

▪ Volume control dampers, mounted directly to the drive shaft or remotely (with the use of accessory hardware).

▪ Quarter-turn rotary valves, such as ball or butterfly valves mounted directly to the drive shaft

▪ Linear stroke globe or cage valves mounted with linkages to provide linear actuation.


▪  Access cover to facilitate connectivity

▪  Declutch for manual adjustment.

▪  Mechanical end limits.

▪ Field-installable auxiliary switches.

▪  Rotation direction selectable by switch.

▪ Mountable in any orientation.

▪  UL listed.